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Restaurant Olive & Framboise

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Presentation of this table

Located on the port of Mèze, the Olive & Framboise restaurant offers a traditional elaboration with fresh and local products. The deliveries are daily, which guarantees the freshness of the products. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, you will enjoy a menu is composed of a wide choice of dishes.

Spécialités : moules frites, plateaux de fruits de mer, soupe de poisson, foie gras, huîtres, poissons, viandes, desserts maison.


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The table

  • Chef : Claire VEDRENNE
  • Menu from 5.00€ to 58.00€
  • Lunch menu : entrée + plat + fromage + dessert 17.00€
  • Children’s menu : 9.00€
  • Homemade

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Patrick SIONNEAU


Restaurant Olive & Framboise
33 Boulevard du Port
34140 MÈZE

04 67 53 11 91