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L’Atelier de la Poterie

Arts de la table

Arts de la table

Presentation of this local producer

Henri MORENO learned his trade at the age of 14: he is a potter-modeller-ceramist. He set up his own business 21 years ago and specializes in culinary pottery. He uses a chamotte clay (which can be put in the oven and cleaned in the dishwasher) and the technique of glazed clay (red clay covered with engobe). Present at potter's markets from May to September.

Spécialités : cassoles ; plats à Gratins ; moules à foie gras ; pichets ; assiettes ; verres ; vases ; croix occitanes ; plat à poulet.

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Henri MORENO


L’Atelier de la Poterie
57 allée du Cassieu

04 68 23 58 21