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La Vieille Prune

Boissons - vins - spiritueux

Boissons - vins - spiritueux

Presentation of this local producer

In 1905, Louis Roque, third generation of the same name, decided to set up a distillery at Souillac, in a hollow in the plain across which flows the Dordogne. The ancestral recipes have been handed down within the family now for five generations. The plum brandy preserved in oak barrels in the silence of our cellars is the result of subtle blending and it is this that gives « La Vieille Prune » its unique character, and accounts for its presence in the best restaurants of France. It is also sold by discerning wine merchants and is displayed in the windows of the most prestigious delicatessens.


Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Philippe DENOIX


La Vieille Prune
Distillerie L.ROQUE
41-43 Avenue Jean Jaurès

05 65 32 78 16