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La Bierataise

Boissons - vins - spiritueux

Boissons - vins - spiritueux

Presentation of this local producer

This craft brewery is the result of a meeting between Claude BOYER and Michel JOUIN around the creation of events in Berat on the theme of Ireland and beer. The brewery was created in 1998 followed by the opening of a restaurant "à la bière". Neither filtered nor pasteurized, the beer retains all its flavors whether it is blonde (soft beer pure malt), brown (black beer type), white with violet and amber. Sold in restaurants, delicatessens, wine shops and associations.

Spécialités : figa (bière à la figue : malt et figue séchée) ; blanche à la violette (aromatisée à la liqueur de violette).

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Joëlle et Michel JOUIN


La Bierataise
848 Route de Poucharramet
31370 BERAT

05 62 14 71 05