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Domaine Meunier

Domaine Viticole

Domaine Viticole

Presentation of this local producer

Martine and Béatrice work on a family farm of 6 hectares. On this limestone soil, 6 generations of winegrowers have succeeded each other and have perpetuated a know-how, respecting nature and traditional methods. The wines are produced using sustainable cultivation, the harvest is done manually and no chemical yeast is added during the vinification process. Bottling only occurs after 2 years.

Spécialités : IGP Isère Balmes Dauphinoise ; Chardonnay ; Pinot gris ; Pinot noir ; Rouge Gamay ; mousseux blanc et rosé.

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Béatrice MUNIER


Domaine Meunier
81 rue du Mont Dolet

04 74 80 15 81