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Maison H.B - La Ferme de Jeanne

Domaine Viticole

Domaine Viticole

Presentation of this local producer

Since 2018, Régis and Karine, two wine enthusiasts, are at the head of the estate. Lovers of nature, of the soil, they produce a quality wine thanks to several grape varieties. Concerned about the respect of the soil, they have undertaken since February 2018 the conversion to organic farming (certification FR- Bio-16) their domain.

Spécialités : vin du Bugey ; Gamay exceptionnel ; Chardonnay.

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Régis BERNARD


Maison H.B - La Ferme de Jeanne
13 chemin des Grands Hautains

06 80 02 87 15