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Domaine de la Jouasse

Epices - aromates - condiments

Epices - aromates - condiments

Presentation of this local producer

The Domaine de la Jouasse produces three kinds of oils, each with its own specificity: the green fruity oil, the old-fashioned fruity oil and the little jewel of the domain: the OleaKum (registered trademark by Dominique LEVESQUE). Thanks to these different oils, the domain proposes you to find the taste of the authentic and to plunge you in the heart of Provence, under the sun and with the sound of cicadas...

Spécialités : huile au fruité vert ; huile au fruité à l'ancienne ; l'OleaKum, huile qui allie olives et kumquats.

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Dominique LEVESQUE


Domaine de la Jouasse
La Jouasse

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