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Truffes Passion - Marie-France OURCIVAL

Escargots et truffes

Escargots et truffes

Presentation of this local producer

Dive into the world of truffles, a noble mushroom also called Black Gold. Come and visit a truffle farm and watch a demonstration of truffle hunting with the help of a dog. Passionate about this mysterious culture and coming from a family of truffle growers, Marie-France OURCIVAL will give you very complete explanations on truffle growing. She will accompany you to the truffle market in Limogne en Quercy. You will also be able to buy her winter or summer production (sale on the spot or in expedition) and enjoy a commented tasting (on reservation).

Spécialités : truffes d’hiver ou d’été.

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Marie-France OURCIVAL


Truffes Passion - Marie-France OURCIVAL
151 chemin du Joncas