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Presentation of this local producer

François Bourgon, cheese maker-affineur, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and artisan of taste, took over the Xavier family cheese dairy in 2002, created by his father in Toulouse. The house can be proud of fine specialties such as truffled brie (the recipe for which was found by Xavier himself more than 30 years ago) or Pavé Toulousain (first cheese from the pink city, thought up and designed by François BOURGON). Over the year, no less than 500 references pass through this beautiful shop.

Spécialités : pavé Toulousain ; brie truffé ; brie truffe fraîche ; Mont d'Or truffe noire ; brillat truffe blanche ; comté de Noël.

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : François BOURGON


6 place Victor Hugo

05 34 45 59 45