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La Ferme du Pont des Loups



Presentation of this local producer

La Ferme du Pont des Loups is a farm cheese factory that sees life in Maroilles! Created in 1969, the farm has developed in the production of cheese specialties from the North. For 2 generations the family know-how has been reflected in the quality of the products. As a proof of this quality, La Ferme du Pont des Loups has received multiple awards at the Concours Général Agricole and the Mondial du Fromage. Store on site. Cheese caterer (cheese platters). Visits and tastings.

Spécialités : Maroilles ; T’Chiot Biloute ; Vieux Lille ; Bienfait ; Rouchi ; Chaud Biloute (seul fromage du Nord conçu pour passer au four) ; Dauphin ; Coeur du Pont des Loups ; Coeur d’Avesnes ; Boulette d’Avesnes.

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : M. GRAVEZ


La Ferme du Pont des Loups
rue des ponts des Loups

03 27 57 84 09