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La Ferme du Petit Renaudis

Fruits et légumes

Fruits et légumes

Presentation of this local producer

The Ferme du Petit Renaudis offers an organic production since 2009 and on 5 000 m2 of "open field" for the market garden and fruit activity. Here fruits and vegetables are picked at maturity and sold at the right time. But also 50 Pyrenean goats, 30 Manech ewes and 4 Tarentaise cows are milked by hand for the production of lactic cheeses (vegetable curdling) and made organic. Sale, at the market of Carbonne on Thursday and in Montesquieu- Volvestre on Saturday morning under the market hall and farm drive.

Spécialités : fruits et légumes frais ; herbes aromatiques et tisanes ; lait ; fromages lactiques de chèvre, de brebis et de vache (caillage végétal) ; oeufs frais.

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Taliesin LOPEZ


La Ferme du Petit Renaudis
Route de Renaudis
Ldt Le Petit Renaudis

05 61 90 09 98