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SA.THO.AN - Coopérative des Pêcheurs de Sète

Poissons et crustacés

Poissons et crustacés

Presentation of this local producer

SA.THO.AN (abbreviations of sardines, tuna and anchovies in french) is an organization that groups together more than 80 vessels on the Mediterranean coast. Its missions are to provide quality products and to adjust the fishing volumes. Each member of this cooperative is committed to a reasoned artisanal fishing in order to protect an entire underwater population.

Spécialités : sardine ; thon ; anchois.

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Bertrand WENDLING


SA.THO.AN - Coopérative des Pêcheurs de Sète
29 Promenade Jean-Baptiste Marty
Cap st Louis 3B
34200 SÈTE

04 67 46 04 15