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Bio Avenir

Produits laitiers

Produits laitiers

Presentation of this local producer

For 15 years, the Gaec Bio Avenir has been developing organic agriculture and has been producing yoghurts and white cheeses from the milk of its cows for 7 years now. These dairy products have the particularity of being farm products, organic and without any additives. The fruit puree used is transformed in Le Mans, in a farm, and is composed of 70% fruit, 30% cane sugar and nothing else! The range of products is available in various stores and stores within a 40 km radius.

Spécialités : gamme délice: (fromage blanc) délice nature et délice aux fruits (spécialité emprésurée conditionnée en pot de 5 kg).

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Mme ROBIN, M. TESSÉ et M. BRIFFAUT


Bio Avenir
La Fontaine
72700 SPAY

02 43 77 35 51