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Maison Pierre Oteiza - Éleveur Artisan

Viandes - volailles - charcuteries

Viandes - volailles - charcuteries

Presentation of this local producer

Pierre OTEIZA, artisan butcher breeder, is based in his native village in the heart of the Basque Country. For more than 30 years, with a few passionate breeders, he has revived the local breed of black piebald pigs in the Basque Country, then on the verge of extinction. Maison Pierre Oteiza refines its Aldudes hams and belly in the open air in the collective dryer and produces dry sausages, jesus, sausages, pâtés, blood sausages and cooked dishes in its artisanal workshop. 10 stores in France and an online store. Tailor-made services: buffets, cocktails, gourmet compositions, gift packages. Aperitif trays to take away.

Spécialités : viande de porc basque Kintoa AOP ; jambon de Kintoa AOP ; jambon de la vallée des Aldudes ; plats cuisinés à la graisse de porc Basque.

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Catherine et Pierre OTEIZA


Maison Pierre Oteiza - Éleveur Artisan
Route d’Urepel

05 59 37 56 11