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La Ferme des Sapins

Viandes - volailles - charcuteries

Viandes - volailles - charcuteries

Presentation of this local producer

For 25 years now, Mrs. and Mr. CROCHEMORE have been raising fattened ducks in the traditional way and offering you quality products, fresh or canned. The ducklings arrive from a hatchery located in the two Seines, 24 hours after hatching. They are then reared for up to 4 months, exclusively fed whole corn. All products are carefully prepared, on site at the farm, to ensure a unique taste.

Spécialités : magret ; magret fumé ; foie gras ; cuisse ; confit et bloc de foie gras en conserve.

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Thierry CROCHEMORE

02 35 28 94 87