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Le Grenier à Jambon

Viandes - volailles - charcuteries

Viandes - volailles - charcuteries

Presentation of this local producer

After having worked for a long time in the food industry, Jean NOCQUE started a reconversion, wishing a farm respectful of the environment and animal welfare. He then created Le Grenier à Jambon, a pig farm on straw (clean and non-polluting), fed with GMO-free cereals and without antibiotics in a pleasant environment. The recipes, without coloring agents or preservatives, are inspired by the best of our elders and know how to remain simple and natural. Sale on the spot, at the market of Saint-Girons, in some delicatessens of Toulouse. Farm restaurant.

Spécialités : salaisons et charcuteries ; pièces de boucherie ; plats cuisinés.

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Jean NOCQUE


Le Grenier à Jambon
Route de Combelongue
La Serre
09420 RIMONT

05 61 96 32 79