Guide d'auberges, hôtels et restaurants, pour week-ends, affaires, séjours et vacances.

About us

Much more than a guide…

Much more than a label… a state of mind of authenticity!

Tables & Auberges is the reference (State Quality Tourism Approval) of the professional, territorial and patrimonial approach to promote Hospitality and Local Gastronomy. It is an open professional world (by category and not by classification) from the Artisan & Local Producer to the Prestige Table, through the Gastronomic Tables, the Village Inns, the Hôtelleries de France, the Tables de Terroir, the Bistronomic Tables or the Bistrots & Brasseries Gourmandes. Here are the main values that underpin the actions of Tables & Auberges:

I. To make the pleasures of the table accessible to as many people as possible

II. To make the Tables & Auberges Guide to Local Gastronomy known to as many people as possible while listening to customers and professionals

III. Promoting gastronomic heritage as a cultural value

IV. Introduce consumers to the taste of real products in the face of junk food (industrial food and fast food) in a citizen and eco-responsible approach

V. Favour home-made and local seasonal products

VI. To give all its letters of nobility to the Breakfast, Brunch and Children’s Menu with the local products dimension

VII. Carrying the values of discovery, sharing and transmission of our profession

VIII. Strengthen the socio-economic activities of Tables & Auberges throughout its territories

IX. Offer an alternative to private guides and their rating system

X. To highlight the professional skills of chefs, hoteliers, innkeepers and local artisans & producers through our communication tools, and to promote the culture of independents while respecting our differences