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Tables & Auberges France – International. The White Guide to the art of eating well locally, from breakfast to dinner

Good ideas and gourmet discoveries to share with your family or with friends.

Locate charming hotels, gourmet restaurants and local independent producers. Open yourself to new experiences, rich in sensations. Enjoy regional specialities that vary with the seasons; dare to explore new flavours.

Coast, mountain, town, countryside: you will find the same sense of authenticity in all Tables & Auberges hotels and restaurants.

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More than 2000 hotels and restaurants across France and abroad share the values of Tables & Auberges


Creation of the National Federation of Tables & Auberges of France


Tables & Auberges de France becomes international

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The art of eating well: locally and sustainably.

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When you choose to become a member of Tables & Auberges de France you get the advantage of a unifying brand image, and join a community of outstanding professionals who share the same level of passion and skills, and the same spirit of independence.
The objectives of the Tables & Auberges federation are to promote and publicize the richness of France’s gourmet heritage; to acknowledge the high standards of the catering and hotelier professions; and to enable our customers to become active consumers!

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