About us

Tables & Auberges de France in a few words…

For two decades now, Tables & Auberges de France, has occupied a special place among the ambassadors of France’s heritage in gourmet cuisine and the art of living. We bring together the work of talented professionals in hospitality and catering to offer a wide diversity of choice, ranging from a simple weekend break in the country or a meal in a bistro to a memorable stay in a renowned hotel.

You can discover all this through six complementary collections : Tables de Prestige, Tables Gastronomiques, Tables de Terroir, Bistrots Gourmands, Hôtelleries de France and Auberges de Villages.

Since its foundation in 1995, the Fédération Nationale des Tables & Auberges de France has responded to a real need. We bring together independent catering and hospitality professionals under a shared brand to offer the public an alternative to the imperialism of hotel and restaurant chains, and to the often elitist grading systems of private guidebooks. We have met this ambitious challenge thanks to the collaboration of three men who are passionate about good food and who want to make it accessible to other people : Jean Lanau, Serge Villaume and Michel Garnier.

We are convinced that the story of Tables & Auberges de France depends on the contribution of each of its members and the complementary nature of their skills. For this reason, we have steadily expanded our scope of action to include ever more of these passionate men and women – chefs, restaurateurs and hoteliers, running small or large hotels and restaurants; some well known, others not.

Each of these entrepreneurs has a strong personality and a story to tell, which is also our story: the story of our Heritage, our Culture and our Values. Each has created a unique hotel or restaurant, shaped by his or her personality and the local heritage. None of these people are alike but, nevertheless, they all have something in common: they share the same Passion and Skill and the same spirit of independence. As well as being an address book of classic hotels and restaurants, Tables & Auberges de France is proud of its 6 authentic collections based on quality and charm which bring together 2000 establishments covering the whole of France. We invite you to discover them, from the most simple to the most sophisticated.

Welcome to the world of Tables & Auberges de France!