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Lodges Sainte Victoire - Saint Estève

Presentation of this hotel-restaurant

In the Saint-Estève, le chef, Mathias Dandine, will invite you to discover a cuisine that is inspired by the senses and colours of the region. The dishes are made with local ingredients in season. Enjoy this simple generous cuisine in an elegant dining room, in one of the salons or on the large terrace. To prolong your stay, the Lodges Sainte Victorie can accommodate you for the night.

Spécialités : sardines marinées aux herbes, caillé de brebis et caviar ; râble de lapin farcis, crevettes sautées, carottes et olives ; croq’feuilles à la vanille, des fruits du moment au jus.


Facilities not filled in




  • Number of rooms : 35 from 190.00€ to 900.00€
  • Breakfast : 25.00€

The table

  • Chef : Mathias DANDINE
  • Menus from 60.00€ to 145.00€
  • Menu from 115.00€ to 140.00€
  • Children’s menu from 20.00€ to 30.00€

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Julien LEGOFF

French Wine region : Provence

Payment methods :

  • American Express
  • Carte bancaire


Lodges Sainte Victoire - Saint Estève
2250 route Cézanne - D17

04 42 27 10 14