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Presentation of this table

The Cancan is neither a restaurant, nor a wine bar, nor a bistro, nor a tapas bar. Rather it is something original: an enchanting mixture. Designed for lovers of things beautify and good, this epicurean haven extends a welcome to anyone looking for flavourful sensations.



Facilities not filled in



The table

  • Chef : Alexandre DALIGAUX
  • Menus from 19.00€ to 42.00€
  • Menu from 7.00€ to 39.00€
  • Lunch menu : entrée + plat ou plat + dessert 19.00€
  • Children’s menu : 15.00€
  • Homemade

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Franck PONSEEL

Payment methods :

  • Carte bancaire


43 place du vieux marché
76000 ROUEN

02 35 15 54 34

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