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Domaine du Moulin de Montlauzin

Domaine Viticole

Domaine Viticole

Presentation of this local producer

This small estate (5 hectares) is located north of the city of Toulouse, on the highest and oldest alluvial terrace of the Garonne. On this two-million-year-old terrace, Cabernet Franc and Syrah are grown alongside Tannat, the dominant grape variety of Madiran, and Merlot, a Bordeaux variety. The Domaine du Moulin de Montlauzin has the organic agriculture label, the grapes are hand harvested and not sulphited.

Spécialités : vins rouges, Cuvée Le Petit Grain (cabernet franc) ; Le Grain Noir (Tannat cépage du Madiran) ; Le Mont des Chênes (pur tannat vieilles vignes).

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Angèle MACCHION


Domaine du Moulin de Montlauzin
4685 Chemin de Montlauzin

06 30 00 74 78