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Alexis Muñoz - Huiles d’Olive

Epices - aromates - condiments

Epices - aromates - condiments

Presentation of this local producer

Because olive oil is for him an ingredient of excellence, Alexis Muñoz decides to flee the standards to establish his own rules; all his production is oriented around the variety and the maturity of his fruits. No mixing, no blending, only the juice of olives harvested during the day and pressed at night, to guarantee an incomparable freshness in the mouth. His expertise is also the assurance of a perfect balance in his choice of varieties and the different fruity products he offers in his 100% single variety ranges.

Première récolte, variété Picual BIO, fruits verts, arômes herbacés ; récolte gourmande, variété Arbequina Bio, fruits mûrs, arômes équilibrés, noisette et pomme verte ; récolte tardive, variété Cornicabra BIO, fruits très mûrs, arômes racés d’olive noire confite.

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Alexis Muñoz


Alexis Muñoz - Huiles d’Olive
269 avenue Marcel Mérieux BAT C

04 78 38 29 33