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L'Escargot de France

Escargots et truffes

Escargots et truffes

Presentation of this local producer

This snail farm is run by Francine JANIC who raises snails in the so-called Italian method. Thus, one million large grey snails are born and raised in the open air (which favors their growth) with a vegetable cover as well as a mineral and cereal supplement. They are then prepared in a processing laboratory with fresh and natural products. The heliciculture allows the maintenance of the ecosystem because no sampling is made in the nature.

Spécialités : escargots court bouillonnés.

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Francine JANIC


L'Escargot de France
Ferme De L'Ecluse
77830 PAMFOU

06 09 90 77 75 ​