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Les Volailles Miéral

Viandes - volailles - charcuteries

Viandes - volailles - charcuteries

Presentation of this local producer

Since 1919, 4 generations have passed on the know-how of selecting the finest Bresse poultry. Today, the Mieral company has around sixty partner breeders and individually and manually selects each poultry under very specific quality criteria. The PDO imposes very strict breeding rules: free-range breeding with a minimum of 10m2 per bird; poultry fed with plants, natural minerals, molluscs, insects, Bressane cereals and milk to give it a fine, tasty, soft and marbled flesh (no GMOs or antibiotics are included in its diet).

Spécialités : poulet de Bresse ; poulette de Bresse ; poulet noir fermier Prince de Dombes (effilé, PAC et découpe) ; canette de Barbarie Excellence Miéral.

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Valery MIERAL


Les Volailles Miéral
Rue Bresse Cocagne

04 74 30 81 13