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Domaine Viticole

Domaine Viticole

Presentation of this local producer

The beautiful, the good, the organic! This could be the motto of Ampeliadae, the estate of Frédéric Brochet. He is passionate about his work and his contemporary wines. The geological structure of the vineyard justifies the culture of different varieties of grapes, dominated by Sauvignon Blanc and Gris, Pinot-Noir and the two Cabernets. Visits and wine tastings can be arranged in several ways: Forfait Découverte d'Ampelidae (Discovery package), Forfait Grands Vins (Great Wines package) or Forfait Tout sur Ampelidae (Everything about Ampelidae package). Visit the website.

vins bio à base de Sauvignon Blanc et Gris, Pinot Noir et Cabernet Franc, vins effervescents, Blanc d’Hiver.

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Katherine MEULI


Les Roches
Route d’Ouzilly

05 49 88 18 18