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The “Tables & Auberges” label

Professional accreditation with a territorial and patrimonial approach to promote hospitality and local gastronomy


The official label of Tables & Auberges has for mission the valorization and the promotion, in France and in the International, of the know-how of the independent professionals: chefs, hoteliers, Craftsmen (food trades) & Local Producers with the exclusion of the integrated chains. The catering activity must be registered with the trade register (not operate as an undeclared table d’hôtes) and offer a few dishes from the local culinary tradition.

The approved independent professional agrees to accept the principle of unannounced visits by representatives mandated by the Federation in order to guarantee the respect of the present label and the image of the Tables & Auberges brand vis-à-vis the Public Authorities and Consumers.


Article 1 : The professional must justify a professional qualification in the hotel industry (State diploma or certificate of professional qualification of the hotel and restaurant industry) and must be experienced in the hotel and restaurant industry while showing a real professionalism.

However, if the non-qualified professional has a proven track record in the same establishment of more than 3 years and benefits from a good regional reputation, he/she may be granted a waiver after exceptional advice from the Federation of Tables & Inns.

Article 2: The Professional agrees to provide and develop:

  • The reception of the customers by a policy of services and services of quality, including for the accessibility of the people with reduced mobility and the children;
  • The promotion, the authenticity and the development of the local products of the soil;
  • The good conduct of its establishment in terms of hygiene and fire safety;
  • Tourist information on the region through brochures, leaflets or tourist maps;
  • Support for the training of its staff.

Article 3: The professional undertakes to respond to the complaints of his clients according to the following procedure: when the Federation receives complaints, it systematically responds to the client within a maximum of 10 working days to acknowledge receipt of the complaint, then transmits it to the establishment concerned which must respond within 10 working days with a copy to the Federation. If the operator has not responded within this 10-day period, he will be contacted again with a new deadline of 4 working days. If the operator has still not responded, he is reminded by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt a second and final time with a final deadline of 4 days. If the operator has still not respected this deadline, as a last resort, the Federation will send an explanatory letter to the customers in order to guarantee the brand image of the Label.

Article 4: The professional is required to provide his customers with fair and objective information on the services that are offered (legibility in the display of services and prices).

The commercial names in culinary matters must be in conformity with the regulations in force (the local products must be easily identifiable by the customers).

The dishes are prepared by the professional who favors, at best, quality products and homemade sauces while working as much as possible with local producers.

The tables in the restaurant must be well set and in perfect condition of cleanliness. Possibility for the different categories of Table, not to have cloth tablecloth if the tables are of quality; However, cloth napkins or non woven of remarkable quality for the Gastronomic Tables and Prestige; tablecloth and paper napkins possible for the Tables Bistronomiques, Brasseries Gourmandes, Tables & Auberges de Village and Tables de Terroir.


Article 5: In the field of public information, the establishments benefiting from the Tables & Auberges approval are presented in twelve additional categories:

  • Table de Prestige : Exceptional cuisine with the best products sublimated by a remarkable know-how.
  • Table Gastronomique : Creative cuisine that also echoes a few dishes from the French culinary heritage.
  • Table de Terroir : Cuisine valuing regional flavors and local products.
  • Table Bistronomique : Revisited and inventive cuisine in the spirit of a Bistro
  • Bistrot & Brasserie Gourmande : Traditional cuisine characterized by emblematic dishes.
  • Auberge de Village : Restaurant with accommodation offering traditional rustic cuisine as part of the solidarity support of rural hostels for the animation, economic defense and social life of our villages.
  • Table de Village : Restaurant offering traditional rustic cuisine as part of the solidarity support of rural inns for the animation, economic defense and social life of our villages.
  • Table Bar à Vin : Table specialized in wine tasting for oenophiles.
  • Domaine Viticole : Wine tourism theme of the wine regions with the valorization of the independent Houses.
  • Caviste & Epicerie Fine : Promotion of regional products of artisanal quality.
  • Hôtelleries de France :Independent hotel without restaurant benefiting from the hotel classification and which advises its customers of traditional restaurants of quality such as Tables & Auberges.
  • Artisans & Producteurs Locaux : Local craftsmen and producers use their know-how to promote products that reflect the richness of our regions.


Article 6 :The establishment benefits, as much as possible, from a good integration in its immediate environment in order to avoid any noise, visual or olfactory nuisance.

Article 7 :The various services of the establishment must be maintained in a perfect state of cleanliness and present a good general state of maintenance.

Article 8 :The qualified staff has the professional know-how to provide efficient services and to offer the best welcome and services to customers (the practice of a foreign language by at least one person of the establishment is recommended).

Article 9 :The exterior fittings, interior decoration, treatments (floor, walls, ceiling) and furniture offer a harmonious style to the establishment whatever its level of comfort and services.


Article 10 :Any professional who violates the present provisions or who undermines or attempts to undermine the brand image of the Tables & Auberges label may be struck off the register by decision of the Federation, after having received his or her observations.

Article 11: Delisting procedure: After three customer complaints are received within a period of less than two months, the Federation schedules a mystery visit to the establishment concerned. If the visit confirms the customer complaints or if the result of the visit is below the threshold corresponding to its market segment, the Federation contacts the operator. The Federation will then propose an action plan to remedy the problems encountered, according to a schedule of actions to be taken. The operator has one month to draw up this action plan and send it to the Federation with a letter or e-mail in which he commits to implement it within two months. At the end of this period, another mystery visit is scheduled. If the situation is regularized, the cancellation procedure is cancelled. If not, the Federation Board will deregister the operator.

Article 12 :In the event of resignation or removal from the register, the professional undertakes to return to the Federation of Tables & Inns all official promotional materials made available to him/her, such as the plaque, panel or sticker, which remain the property of the Federation.

The approval within the Federation is renewable annually on the basis of this Quality Charter. The act of resignation must be initiated by the professional by mail or email.