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Presentation of this hotel-restaurant

Welcome to our gourmet house in Arbois. Maison Jeunet is a great history and a culinary experience of several decades. The emblematic dishes of André and Jean-Paul Jeunet, such as the poularde au vin jaune et morilles or the lièvre à la royale in autumn, are part of the fundamentals of the house. Bresse poultry, Lake Geneva fish, game, small Mercey snails, wild mushrooms and wild herbs: a creative cuisine that respects the seasons of the land.



Pets allowed


  • Vineyard 0 km


  • Number of rooms : 12 from 105.00€ to 180.00€
  • Breakfast from 11.00€ to 23.00€

The table

  • Chef : Steven NAESSENS
  • Number of seats : 45
  • Menus from 65.00€ to 155.00€
  • Menu from 45.00€ to 59.00€
  • Lunch menu : entrée+plat+dessert 65.00€
  • Children’s menu from 18.00€ to 77.00€
  • Homemade
  • Organic products

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Steven et Marjorie NAESSENS

French Wine region : Jura

Language spoken :

  • Anglais


Maison Jeunet
9 rue de l’hôtel de ville
39600 ARBOIS

03 84 66 05 67

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