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Restaurant Marchon

Presentation of this table

Alexandre Marchon is a passionate self-taught chef. At his restaurant, he serves a gourmet cuisine. All the products are fresh, and particular attention is paid to the work on the vegetables, a product that is highlighted here. The flavors are there, the plates are tasty. The chef offers you a journey in 5 or 7 steps in his tasting menu.

Spécialités : légumes bio, viande, poisson, menu dégustation, produits frais, produits.


Facilities not filled in



The table

  • Chef : Alexandre MARCHON
  • Menus from 39.00€ to 79.00€
  • Lunch menu : entrée + plat ou plat + dessert 21.00€
  • Homemade

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Alexandre MARCHON


Restaurant Marchon
16 rue Deguerry
75011 PARIS 11

01 47 00 63 97