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Hôtel George V - Le Cinq Palace Ajouter aux favoris

Hôtel George V - Le Cinq
Hôtel George V - Le Cinq
Hôtel George V - Le Cinq
Hôtel George V - Le Cinq
The Rooms
  • 244 rooms from 1090 € to 1350 €
  • Breakfast 59 €
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The Table
  • Chef : Christian LE SQUER
  • Menus from 145 € to 330 €
  • Card from 250 € to 450 €
  • Lunch menu 4 plats (hors boisson) 145 €
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Recognized for the exemplary consistency that has earned him many prestigious awards and the title of Chef of the Year 2016, Christian LE SQUER took control of the kitchen at the Le Cinq at the end of 2014. The Chef, defines himself as a creator of flavours and a composer of tastes. He shapes and assembles his ingredients in order to obtain the most delicate flavours in perfect balance. His greatest pride is in creating a moment, a sensation, an emotion so that his guests enjoy a generous and unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Spécialités : langoustines bretonnes raidies ; bar de ligne et caviar, lait ribot ; givré laitier.

General information about this establishment Eric BEAUMARD

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