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La Belle-Iloise - La Conserverie

Poissons et crustacés

Poissons et crustacés

Presentation of this local producer

A family story that began in 1932 in the port of Quiberon. And who continues to write. The company manufactures quality fish preserves and perpetuates a century-old know-how that respects the work of men and resources. Sardines, tuna and mackerel are meticulously processed and packed by hand, as this is how their flavor is best preserved. The visit to the factory is free.

Spécialités : conserves gastronomiques de poissons.

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Caroline HILLIET LE BRANCHU


La Belle-Iloise - La Conserverie
ZA Plein Ouest

02 97 50 08 77