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Ferme Lescure

Viandes - volailles - charcuteries

Viandes - volailles - charcuteries

Presentation of this local producer

Ferme Lescure is a family farm in the Gers which offers its services to individuals, restaurants and canners. The activity of force-feeding (geese and ducks) started after the war. Since 1980, the two sons, helped by their wives, have developed the activity. The ducks are, as the tradition wants it, fattened to maturity with yellow corn in whole grain. Sale every Wednesday at the farm.

Spécialités : foies gras entiers traditionnels ; magrets charnus ; aiguillettes ; gésiers et manchons savoureux.

Information on the establishment

Name of the operator : Brigitte LESCURE


Ferme Lescure
Lieu-dit Verdier

05 62 66 76 30